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Soul Retreat

✨ Our Fall 2023 Retreat is now sold out✨ 
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"restorative and deeply expansive"

Hosted at the beautiful Green Nest Lodge & Retreat in Buckhorn, Ontario on Sandy Lake (known as "The Lake of Spirits") this 4 day, 3 night Retreat welcomes you to journey into a deeper understanding of your Souls Path and purpose in this lifetime. Through a series of in-depth, Spirit Guided, Higher Consciousness workshops you will have the opportunity to reflect on defining soul-level experiences, connect with your Higher Self and integrate powerful ACTIVATIONS that will magnetize and illuminate the path forward like never before!


Step into a powerful knowing of your path and your gifts with the highest form of love and compassion in this Octobers' transformative Soul Retreat. 

October 26th - 29th, 2023


Octobers' Soul Retreat is open to anyone who feels a calling to attend. If you feel inspired, guided or have a friend who would like to attend —trust that this is your opportunity.


A key area of focus during this years' retreat will surround the powerful energetics that CONNECT and IMPACT our Soul's Path, across lifetimes. When we uncover our Souls Path, our past experiences may be embraced, and the opportunities that lay before us anticipated with a sense of magic and mystery! By uncovering aspects of your Souls Path, deep shifts, integration and transformation await you! Connections deepen and we feel truly ✨IN ALIGNMENT✨ with our purpose in this lifetime.


Other topics covered during our retreat include:

Messages from Spirit

Guided Meditations
Connecting to your Wise Self
Tuning into your own intuition
Emotional Release
Past Life Regression
Energetic Shifts
Setting Goals

Life Purpose and Path
Positive Intentions and Manifesting


There will be scheduled workshops as well as free time to go for a hike, enjoy the lakefront, relax in the jet swim spa or find a quiet space for reflection indoors or on one of the outdoor spaces. Journal and unwind while surrounded by nature. It truly is about re-centering, and finding your flow!


Select your preferred space and accommodation type below to register. Spots are limited but the possibilities are limitless!

Enjoy the gift of being completely present with yourself, and Spirit. The cost of your accommodations include meals, workshops and access to shared amenities: giving you all inclusive access to our Retreat and profound levels of transformation.

Looking forward to seeing you there with an open heart, and open mind!


"Everything is included"

*Prices listed do not include HST, this will be added at checkout. Photo credits, and special thanks to Sandra Chan of The Green Nest Lodge & Retreat for hosting us, and helping us prepare for this years Soul Retreat. With much love and gratitude.


"Something powerful happens when we gather with others to connect, to heal and to transform. I'm looking forward to being able to share more of those experiences with you during this Fall's upcoming Soul Retreat"

–Laura Traplin.

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