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  • Mentoring Bundle

    Perfect for those who want ongoing guidance and support
    Valid for 9 weeks
    • (3) Private Mentoring Sessions at 20% off regular price

Private Mentoring Bundles

Experience greater growth and support with this 3-session Private Mentoring Bundle.

Book three sessions over a 6-9 week period and receive a 20% discount off the total cost of bookings. Review the FAQs and click "Select" when you are ready to purchase. 



How do I purchase and use a bundle?

Click "select" and follow the instructions at checkout, or watch this video

How do I book my sessions?

Once you have signed up for a bundle, you will automatically be logged in.

  1. Click "My Bookings" from the account-icon (top-right on desktop, top-right of the mobile-menu on mobile). 

  2. Follow the instructions there to book your Private Mentoring Session

At checkout it will ask "How do you want to pay" and your Mentoring Bundle will be pre-selected (and will show that you have '3/3' sessions remaining, as well as how long you have until your sessions expire). Click "Book Now" to confirm.


You will receive a confirmation email confirming the time and date of your first session. Repeat this process to book your remain sessions. 


How do I book more sessions?

Repeat the process above to book the remainder of your sessions. A reminder to book them within a 6-9 week period (or "every 2-3 week" for optimal effect). 

How do I reschedule my bookings?

Login or click your Account icon (in the top right corner of and select "My Bookings" to view previous bookings. Click "Reschedule" and then select a more appropriate date or time. A reminder that our rescheduling policy requires 48 hours notice.

Other questions? 

Contact for more information and specific questions.

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