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Summer Retreat
with Spirit

✨ Our Summer 2024 Women's Retreat is now open  ✨ 
Private + Shared Rooms available on a first-come, first-serve basis 

Our experience begins August 22- 25, 2024

Hosted at the beautiful Green Nest Lodge & Retreat in Buckhorn, Ontario on Sandy Lake (known as "The Lake of Spirits") this 4 day, 3 night Retreat welcomes you to dive into the beautiful and healing energetics of your Souls Path.


Through a series of in-depth workshops, meditations and exercises you will learn how to connect with yourself, your Spirit Guides and deceased loved ones on a level that leaves you breathless, inspired and completely renewed.

Are you ready to release, connect and transform this summer?

✨ Spirit is here to guide the way✨


 Who this retreat is for


Women Who Need More Support

If you've been walking around trying your best to "keep it all in" while knowing that all you need is a safe space to connect deeply with yourself, so you can listen to what your heart is telling you, this retreat is for you.

Those Seeking Deeper Spiritual Connection:

If you’re curious about spirit but unsure how it could help you, this retreat offers a gentle, welcoming space to explore and connect.

Women in Transition:

Whether you’re an empty nester, going through a job transition, or experiencing a significant life change, this retreat will help you find your new purpose and align with your life path.

Professionals Seeking Deeper Fulfillment:

If you’re a professional who, despite external success, feels unfulfilled and disconnected from your true purpose, this retreat will help you recalibrate and find meaning.


Look Forward to 


Soul-Level Workshops:
Engage in transformative workshops designed to help you connect deeply with your spirit, intuition, and higher self —restoring confidence and bringing an undeniable sense of "magnetism" to the world around you.

Healing and Rejuvenation:
Experience profound healing and rejuvenation through meditative practices and spiritual exercises, all while being surrounded by nature and like-minded women. This is a safe and supportive space to 'let the layers fall away' and feel into what "harmony" looks and feels like at this time in your life. 

Personal and Spiritual Growth:
Learn how to connect with yourself, your Spirit Guides, and deceased loved ones on a level that leaves you breathless, inspired, and completely renewed. Discover new insights about yourself, release old patterns, and embrace a deeper connection with your spirit team and loved ones in spirit.

Community and Support:

Build lasting bonds with other women in a nurturing environment that promotes kind-hearted, compassionate sharing. Gently give and receive with others, becoming part of a deeper community of women who are at different stages of their  own soul journey.

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 Summer Retreat 2024.jpeg

What Other Guests Are Saying

"For those of you sitting on the fence wondering if you may benefit from this, let me tell you, it was the best investment I made.
I cannot tell you the peace and awareness this retreat gave me. After suffering a loss I thought I would never recover from, I am seeing the beauty in life again, with clearer vision

Sonia G

Experience deep healings and profound shifts,  while surrounded by love and compassion during this Summers sisterhood Soul Retreat. 

This summer's Soul Retreat with Spirit is open to women from all walks of life who feel called to heal, shift, grow, laugh and learn together.


This is a safe and supportive space to "let the layers fall away" and rediscover a sense of harmony between you, Your Highest (Wise) Self and the endless support your Spirit Team and deceased loved ones are waiting to provide, specifically for you.


There is a light within you, ready to shine. 


Over the course of our time together you will be guided through a series of soul-level workshops, exercises and meditations that will help restore confidence, release tension and understand more about the repeating patterns guiding you back to your Souls Path...

"restorative and deeply supportive"

Outdoor Retreat Experience.jpeg

✨ Come together to Align to Shine  


KEY BENEFITS WAITING FOR YOU:  When we uncover our Souls Path, we are given opportunities to better understand and integrate the experiences from our past. We can clear, re-align and powerfully emerge into new chapters of our lives, guided by the magic and miracles our Spirit Team is just waiting for us to experience. 


Shift, transform, align and RECEIVE. This is your time to heal, and shine.


Other topics covered during our retreat include:

Messages from Spirit

Guided Meditations
Connecting to your Wise Self
Tuning into your own intuition
Emotional Release
Past Life Regression
Energetic Shifts
Setting Goals

Life Purpose and Path
Positive Intentions and Manifesting


There will be scheduled workshops as well as free time to go for a hike, enjoy the lakefront, relax in the jet swim spa or find a quiet space for reflection indoors or on one of the outdoor spaces. Journal and unwind while surrounded by nature.


This experience is especially powerful for those looking to heal and find peace with parts of their past so they can recharge and align with the future their soul is calling out for them to live.

What you will Leave With


New Forms Confidence and Clarity:
Gain a clearer understanding of your life’s path, feel more confident in your decisions, and trust your intuition. "I can breathe easier. I can feel calmer. I'm more in tune with my own power."

Deeper Spiritual Connections:
Awaken to your unique gifts and purpose, feeling guided and supported by your spirit team ."I am connected with a deep sense of knowing, trusting and inner guidance that I can turn to at any time to help support my growth, and goals."

Emotional and Energetic Release:
Release old emotional and energetic patterns that no longer serve you, making space for new, empowering experiences. "I am able to release the effects of the past; I honour the lessons, love and memories it has given me, and I open myself to profound new experiences that will light up my path, one step at a time." 

Life & Soul Path Integration:

Integrate mind, body, and spirit, achieving a balanced, harmonious state that helps you navigate life with greater ease and joy. "I am a living breathing embodiment of my mind, body and soul. When I am in alignment I experience rapid manifestation, synchronicity and an abundance of miracles; I know I am being guided, I am in the right place, at the right time."


 Come Explore Our Retreat Space  

Enjoy the gift of being completely present with yourself, and Spirit.


The cost of your accommodations includes: all meals, workshops and access to shared spaces throughout the Green Nest Lodge. Amenities include a heated swim spa, outdoor deck spaces, campfires, lakeside dock and several beautifully decorated sitting rooms to read, journal or connect with others guests within.​​

"Everything is included"

 All that's left: Is to choose your Room!  

Nestle into one of our Shared or Private Rooms for our sisterhood experience. Spots are limited but the possibilities are limitless!

Remember: you are incredibly supported by those in Spirit. Listen to your heart and tune into your Soul: what do you hear? What are you ready to shift, transform or release?

What transformations does this summer have in store for you?

Payment Plans are available upon request.
Contact for more information.

*Prices listed do not include HST, this will be added at checkout. Photo credits, and special thanks to Sandra Chan of The Green Nest Lodge & Retreat for hosting us, and helping us prepare for this years Soul Retreat. Please note this retreat does not include or encourage alcohol or other recreational substances while doing energy work or sacred ceremonies. Looking forward to seeing you there! With much love and gratitude.

"Something powerful happens when we gather with others to connect, to heal and to transform. I'm looking forward to being able to share more of those experiences with you during this years upcoming Soul Retreat"

 xox — Laura Traplin — xox

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