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THIS OFFER RECENTLY BECAME AVAILABLE AGAIN: click here to see if there are still spots available. 


Come together with like minded people to raise your vibration and open up your connections to your spirit guides and deceased loved ones. Led by your teacher, Laura Traplin, this is an opportunity to learn from a sought after medium with 20 years experience in private and group settings.



This class is for previous students who have a desire to expand their mediumship abilities by learning new tools, enhancing your unique gifts, your connection to your spirit guide and those in spirit.


Each class will consist of a guided meditation to raise your vibration and connect to spirit.

  • Support to enhance their unique gifts,
  • Develop and strengthen your connection to spirit and your spirit guides,
  • Be part of beautiful healing messages for class participants and those in spirit,
  • Expand and raise your vibration with guided meditations and exercises.
  • Further develop your spiritual, energetic, psychic and mediumship gifts.


If you feel ready to expand your energy and take your abilities to the next level, we’re looking forward to having you!



Spirit Circle is open to all previous students, professionals and those with equivalent experience who wish to connect with an open heart and beautiful intentions. Email directly if you have any questions about the suitability of this program for you, I’m happy to discuss!



Once you have registered you will be sent an email confirmation with our schedule + link to weekly Zoom meetings. On the day of the next Spirit Circle simply refer back to the email, and click the link to gain access. During each session we will ground, clear, connect and deliver/receive messages as guided and called to by Spirit and those on The Other Side. Unless explicit consent is given by other participants, all content is strictly confidential and asked not to be shared/recorded. Arrive with an open heart and mind.


Courtesy: Please arrive on time out of respect for the opening and closing of energy within each Spirit Circle.



Laura  is a compassionate and supportive teacher who shares her knowledge of spirit for the good of others. She is known for her ability to read the energy between you and spirit to help guide you to a better understanding of how to discern the messages you receive. She has helped guide hundreds of students through the process of understanding their gifts, developing a clear relationship with Spirit and empowered them to continue to grow spiritually, personally and professionally.


For more information, or further inquiries about whether this group is appropriate for your skill/confidence level contact:


[!] Please note, this course may still be available, click here to see if current spots are now open.

Mediumship Development

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