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Some of the lovely testimonials and feedback left by clients and students over the last few years:

"A session with Laura leaves you empowered, shining and full of love and gratitude"

Laura's gifts go beyond the clear-flowing connection and sensitivity to the messages from her guides; her gifts include the love and compassion with which she delivers these messages. Her integrity, awareness, knowledge and creation of boundaries - metaphysical and otherwise - offer a safe environment for deep healing and the receiving of information one needs to let go of any encumbrances of past issues and to step into one's own truth and specialness.


#Gratitude #Healing

"Thank you Laura for making this painful journey in my life more bearable"

When I met Laura for the first time she was able to see my pain and suffering due to the loss of my son. Through Laura's guidance, I was able to understand more of what happened the night my son died in a car accident. For many years I felt the guilt and anguish of having this terrible loss in my life, but for the first time I was able to work through the pain and suffering I had endured and was able to feel that my son was happy and OK. In fact some of the feedback she gave me "through my son's eyes" was actually funny and made me laugh and I know that it was my son who was telling her these only he would know of funny things that happened while he was alive.


#Comforting #Grief

"Thanks to her I have been able to connect with lost loved ones on the other side"

Having a reading from Laura is an experience I really look forward to. Having seen her for the past few years I can honestly say it has been a very positive experience which has brought me much peace in my life. She delivers her readings in a very caring, compassionate and sensitive manner. It is obvious to me that Laura genuinely cares about her clients and always makes them feel at ease. She truly wants you to live your best life! Thanks to her I have been able to connect with lost loved ones on the other side which is incredible affirmation of the after life. I have also taken her Psychic Development workshop and have found the subject matter fascinating. I always leave her feeling motivated and with an increased interest in discovering my own spirituality. She has an incredible gift, and I feel very fortunate to have found her.


#Discovery #Connection

"Laura has been the greatest teachers to me"

Spirit knew I needed someone whom I could trust to help me expand my gifts...someone patient, kind and knowledgeable with a strong sense of ethics. Laura is all of that and more. I am so grateful to her and everything she continues to teach me. I highly recommend Laura to anyone looking for a connection to Spirit for comfort in their time of grief, general insight into their life path or a deeper understanding of their purpose. She is a bright light and a gifted intuitive.


Tara Shannon Renaud
#Insight #Empowerment

"Her mentorship has been life changing"

I'd first heard of Laura through my Godmother and then within a series of weeks, a very close mentor of mine. The signs were uncanny and while I was 'open to it' I wasn't quite 'tuning in' just yet. Fastforward a year and the journey that life has since thrust upon me has been life-altering to say the least. If not for Laura's workshops, the deeply impactful influence she's had on two of my strongest role-models and the *profoundly enriching messages* she's relayed for me on behalf of my Spirit Guides... I don't know where I'd be. She is a life (and sanity) saver with a remarkable sense of integrity and character I'm blessed to have encountered!


#SpiritualAwakening #Guidance

"It was like a thousand pounds were taken off my back and I felt free for the first time in years"

I did not know what to expect when I first came to see you. I came with a friend and I sat in your waiting room, looking around at the art and decorations, awaited my turn. When I walked into the session room, I felt comfortable and a bit nervous (wondering what would come from this session, I had never participated in this type of session). I was floored. The information that flowed! I'll never forget the look on your face when they insisted on remaining on one particular subject (past lives) and yet you were right: they needed me to hear and know and I really did need to hear and know. You and your Guides guided me to cut those last little cords so that I may proceed on my path. I did it and it felt soooooo wonderful. It was like a thousand pounds were taken off my back and I felt free. Free for the first time in years. Thank you Laura. I am so glad that I met you!


#Mediumship #Affirmations

I now see my life split into the time before and after taking classes with Laura. With her loving support and guidance, I have opened the door into a new phase of my life that I couldn’t have imagined before. I came in as someone curious about exploring psychic and mediumship abilities, but it soon became something so much more. What surprised me the most was all of the healing and growth that was initiated by Laura’s classes. It is hard and messy work, but Laura is there for her students each step of the way. The trust and confidence I have gained in Laura’s classes has radiated into the rest of my life, and I find myself filled with healed anxiety, renewed creativity and a reactivation of the childlike awe for the magic in life. Not only is Laura a compassionate teacher, she also attracts compassionate people to her classes, and provides a safe environment where everyone can connect, explore and grow together. I can’t imagine going back to a time when I wasn’t so aligned and connected to spirit, and I am so grateful to Laura for opening this world to me.”

Previous Student
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