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The White Roses

I’ve been in awe of Spirit for decades. The way they connect, guide, message, show up with support and signposts has been nothing short of miraculous and profound in meaning. Some examples of multiple messaging I’ve experienced are "The White Roses"....

Several years ago, after putting my daughter to bed I found myself thinking about a friend's upcoming birthday and wondered what kind of gift I could get for her...

Instantly, a bouquet of white roses floated in front of me –a phenomenon that is quite normal for me as a psychic and medium. The timing of the roses appearing just after thinking of my friend left me feeling confident that she would love to receive them as a gift, and would surely appreciate them very much. I made a note of this wonderful gift idea and continued with my night.

The man in the flower isle

The next day as I wandered through the local grocery store, purchasing supplies for an upcoming workshop I spotted a beautiful bouquet of bright orange miniature roses, drawing me almost magnetically towards the flower isle. As I reached out to touch them I suddenly heard a man's voice call out to me from behind– “excuse me, do you know anything about flowers?”

An electric pulse moved through me. I knew this feeling, I knew that the voice calling out to me was someone in spirit... someone on The Other Side.

I turned around and quickly did "a scan" (a way of identifying who this person was, and picking up on information they and Spirit cared to share with me through each of my clairs, or 'senses'). Something you get used to as a Psychic Medium is distinguishing "alive" or "dead" –otherwise it can be tricky to keep track of who everybody else sees and who only you seem to be able to perceive.

The scan told me I was speaking with a man in his early 60’s, he had a wedding band on and a sparkle in his eye. I scanned further: is he real? He looks so real. Does anyone else see him? Nope. Ok, keep your talking to a minimum Laura, haha.

He continued to ask me “what do you think of these flowers? Aren’t they perfect?” –he was holding a bouquet of a dozen white roses.

I answered softly, “yes, they are perfect” and waited for his next prompt.

He kept smiling at me, eyes sparkling. Staying in the energy and vibration, he said again “thank you, these are perfect then”. I smiled, and began pushing my cart towards the checkout in an effort to move myself out of the trance. When I turned around second later, he was gone.

The energy that goes through ones’ physical body is like no other when you have an encounter with spirit; those of you who have experienced this firsthand know without a doubt it’s real.

It wasn't until I was about halfway home that I realized I had left the store without a gift for my friend, and laughed aloud about this. Often when interactions like that with Spirit happen it's usually a client or student's loved one "visiting early" (as I mentioned, I had upcoming workshop the next day).

During the opening remarks of my workshop I shared this interaction with my students, and asked "does anyone have a man in spirit fitting this description, and would the white roses bare any specific importance?"

No. No one in the workshop.

I let it go figuring it would make sense in time.

The message is received

It wasn't until the next week while in the middle of a reading that the man appeared again, bearing white roses. The client I spoke with was immediately able to confirm and further identify the man I had seen. The message he and the white roses brought for my client was quite meaningful (and naturally quite private in nature, which is why I'm unable to share further). It was beautiful though, and I felt honoured to have been able to help deliver the message on their behalf.

Further unknown to me at the time was that the very night I first saw the white roses a young man I knew passed away suddenly. It took months for his message to come through (a story for another time) but these white roses, and the timing of their apparition would become quite meaningful to his mourning parents.

Messages can be multi-faceted and they continue to leave me in awe. We don’t always know why a message (sign or symbol) may appear for us but by tuning in, asking questions and remaining open hearted to further interactions from Spirit we will eventually be led to the messages' recipient or profound personal understanding it holds for us.

A gentle reminder that those in spirit tend to use signs and repetition to get messages across. And that often times those messages span space and time. Don't second guess the meaning or the purpose when you feel that 'electric' sense of confirmation, just take note and trust that Spirit will continue to guide you and others towards the messages and meanings they intend for us.


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