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'Val' for Valentines Day

Often times Spirit will bring about "funny coincidences" or "fated meetings" to help let us know that they are there. We will find ourselves (and others around us) thinking and saying 'the funniest things' as though they just 'popped into our head'. This is Spirit interacting with us on vibrational levels, making sure that we are able to hear/see them in a way that doesn't scare or startle us...

A few years ago I recall my youngest daughters daycare provider ('Shelly')* leaning in towards me and saying, in a sing-song-y voice "I know what you do".

I laughed and said back to her "haha, well I know what you do too" motioning to the other children and parents filling the room around us. We both smiled at each other and she leaned in closer, indicating that she was quite curious and intrigued (not an uncommon occurrence when others find out about what I do professionally).

Within moments a deceased woman came into sight just behind her. I asked Shelly if I had permission to deliver a message on her behalf, she nodded with enthusiasm. The woman coming through was named Valerie– and within minutes Shelly was able to verify that she knew the woman and that each of the messages Valerie had come to share were both meaningful and accurate. It's always a beautiful and quite remarkable feeling to be able to pass on messages like that.

Towards the end of our interaction I was being shown a calendar with February 14th circled again and again; indicating that Valerie had been given her namesake because of her arrival on Valentines Day. I remember smiling about this; though Shelly scrunched her face and said she wouldn't really have any way of knowing that, as Valerie had passed quite a few years ago and the history/connection that went with her may not have been recorded otherwise. We nodded at each other and thanked Valerie for coming to deliver the messages, then adjusted ourselves back towards our daily routines. This message of "Val, on Valentines Day" would come through again a few short weeks later, yet again, a story for another time.

Later that day when I arrived to pick up my daughter after daycare had ended, Shelly came up to me, with a look of astoundment on her face "the weirdest thing happened– I just had another parent come up to me before you got here and she pointed towards your daughter and said 'I don't know why, but I just keep wanting to call her Valerie'..."

We both laughed and smiled at each other, knowing our previous guest was still there with us in gentle ways.

How Spirit interacts with us

This is often how it works with Spirit. They will impress upon us memories, thoughts and 'nudges' as their way of letting us know that they are still very much with us. In many cases Spirit may rely upon those that are "more open" (such as children, or someone who's mind/heart are in a place of 'openness' –not filled with scattered, busy or stressful thoughts as it makes it much harder for messages to come through). Allow yourself space to 'be' with the world around you and you may find that messages from Spirit come more frequently or freely.

*NOTE: Some names of the people in this story have been changed for protection/privacy purposes.


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