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Work/Life Balance

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

"How do you create work/life balance when Spirit is always sending messages?"


Boundaries are a MUST for anyone that is highly energy-sensitive, and quite necessary for those of us who have the ability to 'energetic scan' 24/7. I would be energetically depleted without them.

Prioritize self-care

It’s super important to manage your energy. If you want to be a strong channel and energetic container for Spirit to communicate through you need to honour the needs of your physical, emotional and energetic bodies. Rest when you need rest. Feed your body with higher quality foods when you can ('lower', denser foods are good for grounding when you feel "too" connected but in general your body will tell you what feels good and what doesn't). Take care of your emotions by giving yourself outlets and making time to meditate or walk in nature to clear your energetic body.

Set "office hours"

You get a choice in how Spirit interacts with you. Early on I learned, as part of setting healthy boundaries and prioritizing self-care that I had to set 'office hours' with Spirit. This is common courtesy, the same that you would set with family, friends or colleagues.

In my case, I’m awake for 15 hours a day, this is the best time to get a hold of me so Spirit and I now have understanding that they do not wake me up at night –I need my sleep! However, there are times when there is a sense of urgency and everything else waits until the message is downloaded and delivered: I've learned to listen to my intuition when these come through.

Trust that Spirit knows when you’ll be available

In fact, time miraculously “appears” in your schedule when your gifts are needed. After decades, I completely trust this and know when to listen and act.

Separate work and family life

Eventually, as your relationship with Spirit deepens you begin to develop more confidence in your abilities and you learn how to "turn it down" when you are with family, friends. You learn how to create space for yourself too, living your own life seperate from tuning in for others.

Know what's yours, and what's someone else's

This is key for a lot of empaths and energy-sensitives who may still be struggling to know "what's mine, and what's someone else's". Give yourself space to clear your energy and be alone for awhile until you feel your own sense of energy either become clear to you again, or present itself if you are not used to knowing what it feels like.

Give yourself space

A weekend away, time in nature or journal and meditative exercises can help you reconnect with your own energetic field and open you up as a greater channel for Spirit. Finding the time, energy and space to do this is a great practice in setting healthy boundaries with yourself, those around you and those in Spirit too.

Last but not least: "stay open minded about what might come through and set healthy intentions/expectations for yourself ('go slowly; practice allowing')".


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