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This purchase is for a CUSTOM payment plan of a Shared Room, Shared Bath at the Summer 2024 Retreat with Spirit.


By purchasing here, you are agreeing to submit (4) payments; the first payment upon registration, the following 3 subsequent payments, one on the 17th of July, the next on the 17th of August, and the final payment on the 17th of September, 2024; totalling $1729+tax. 


Please note: It is your responsiblity to SAVE THIS LINK and make the remaining payments on the dates they are due (no automations will be sent out, due to the highly custom nature of this payment plan). 



  1. Click "Purchase" and make your first payment. It is your responsiblity to set a reminder and save this link so you can make the future payments on time, and in alignment. 
  2. Click here to reserve the room of your choice, using promo code RESERVED333 at checkout (giving you 100% off). Please ensure that the room you are reserving is still available at the time of submitting your payment (you may reserve the room, and then make your payment if you prefer). 


[!] CONFIRMATION OF PAYMENTS: Once you have made your initial payment and reserved the room of your choice (using the promo code, and link listed above) you will be sent a confirmation email with retreat details. 



  1. If you are arriving at this screen after having already made your first or second payment, please continue to make your next payment. After all (4) payments have been received you will no longer receive reminders. 



  • Your deposit (1st of 4 payments) is required at time of booking; if we have not received your deposit within 12hrs of you reserving your room (using the promo code provided) it will be opened back up. 
  • An additional fee of $30 has been added to the total cost of the Shared Room, Shared Bath booking fee to account for additional processing fees.
  • All payments are non-refundable, without exception.


Looking forward to having you join us! For any questions please contact

Summer 2024 Payment Plan (Custom)

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