Prepare for Your Reading


For all phone readings within Canada and the US, Laura will call you at your scheduled appointment time.  Please ensure that she has your correct contact number. A landline is preferred but a cellphone is satisfactory as long as there is a good connection. (For international calls please contact my office for details to make arrangements). If you have booked a reading for someone else, please ensure we have their name and contact information. All readings are EST.


  • Be relaxed in a nice quiet comfortable place, free from distractions, noise and/or interruptions;
  • Please be stationary, e.g. not driving your vehicle or walking;
  • Please do not be on a speaker phone or connecting via your computer (e.g. skype) – the energy is intermittent and voices echo which is unsatisfactory for a reading;
  • Please ensure that you are the only person in the room and on the phone so that other voices do not interfere with your reading.
  • Laura does not need to have any information about you before your reading (birthdates, etc.) and it is her preference to have no information at all. You may want to have a few questions ready for the end of your session.