About Laura


Laura’s psychic experiences started in her teen years, but she kept pushing them away out of fear and lack of understanding. When a crisis occured in her life, she had an "awakening" that changed her life profoundly.

She learned that life's serious dilemmas and even day-to-day situations could be resolved or understood by asking for guidance. With the help of spirit she finds answers and direction and is passionate about sharing this with others.

Laura is a certified ThetaHealing Practitioner and a Reiki Master.



Laura is clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant, clairaudient and adept at remote viewing. She focuses on soul path, emotional healing, major life timelines and themes, life purpose and past lives.


Laura supports the bereaved by offering connection to deceased loved ones, providing validation, comfort and love from the other side.

Volunteer Work

Laura volunteers her time to families whose loved ones are missing and is also a member of the Findme Group, an organization of law enforcement, psychic and mediums who work on missing people and homicide cases.








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