About Laura

Laura’s psychic experiences started in her teen years, but she kept pushing them away out of fear and lack of understanding. When a crisis occured in her life, she had an "awakening" that changed her life profoundly.

She learned that life's serious dilemmas and even day-to-day issues could be resolved by simply asking for guidance. With the help of spirit she finds answers and direction. Laura felt that if her abilities could also help other people heal and get back on track through contact and guidance from the spirit world, then this was her calling.

Laura is also a ThetaHealing Practitioner and a Reiki Master. She believes in healing of emotions and looking at an individual in "pure" form with limitless potential. Laura is committed to her ongoing work and studies.

Laura's previous career in the high-tech field of print, production and quality assurance has enabled her to transfer her high standards and ethics from the traditional business world to her business today. In her work as a psychic and medium, her values, ethics and compassion are extremely high and of utmost importance to her.

She now runs a successful business as a psychic medium and a spiritual teacher. Laura provides personal consultations and teaches those who are inclined to develop their own intuition so they can in turn help themselves and others.








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