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Thank you for visiting my website. I am passionate about helping others along their journey in life and providing insight for meaningful change.

I provide readings with a focus on understanding your emotional/spiritual journey and resolving patterns so you may live your "best" life. Predictions and visions are wonderful but if there are patterns creating blocks in your life these are identified with practical tools to resolve them. Working towards a "healed" outcome enables you to use your own intuition to navigate towards the life you desire. Information about your life (past, present and future), emotional or physical issues, how to get "back on track", or what your life purpose is may come up during a reading. 

As a medium, I connect with deceased loved ones to validate aspects of your reading, as well as provide closure around the loss of a loved one. I have had confirmation countless times that the spirit world exists and that our deceased loved ones are close by, just not in physical body. They try to reach us to let us know that they are well on the other side.


It is important to note that while every effort to connect with a specific deceased loved one will be made, this is not guaranteed. There must be a desire on both parts - yours and your loved one in order for this to happen.


One of my goals is to make people aware of the amazing spiritual world that surrounds all of us. We often miss messages because we are either too busy in our daily routine or we think we are experiencing coincidences.


We can all use this knowledge to empower us in our day-to-day lives. Understanding the law of attraction and manifesting what we desire is also important. With help from the spirit world we can get back on track and enjoy a more loving and fulfilling life.


The workshops I provide are for those who wish to become more in tune with their own intuition. We will also delve deeper into the psychic realm and learn tools to understand this wonderful connection to a higher degree.


The way the spirit world tries to contact us is endless!